Rolls Royce and Bentley Full Chassis Restoration

Having completed many chassis restorations on all eras of Rolls Royce and Bentley motor cars we are well versed with all aspects of the correct overhaul process required to complete the job efficiently. From start to finish we uncouple and detach the coach work and then following a thorough steam clean we begin the strip down of components, everything removed is photographed and stored in number corresponding boxes ready for restoration. The Chassis itself is then taken for shot blasting to remove all surface rust and old paint so a full structural assessment can be made and any metal repairs and straightening can be carried out. The chassis is then etch primed and painted ready for rebuild.

Salvage, Restore and Replace.

We overhaul every aspect of the chassis layout in house so engine, gearbox, axle through to steering suspension fuel system and electrical wiring etc is put back to zero hours by ourselves this enables us to keep standards and finish extremely high without incurring unnecessary costs, it also means that where possible the car retains all of its original components it left the factory with, many components such as shock absorbers and rear leaf springs are individually numbered to the chassis and relate to customer or  build requirements at the time of manufacturing so it is extremely important to salvage, restore and replace.