Rolls Royce and Bentley Fault Diagnosis and Repair

At D Moore and co it’s not just the motor vehicles in our workshop that are classic, If you want to diagnose faults on old cars you need old equipment, we have several vintage diagnostic tools at our disposal to efficiently find and rectify any faults or issues with your rolls Royce or Bentley motor car, In addition to this we have something money cant buy in years of experience making these silent running motor cars live up to their well earned reputation.

Fine tuning and engine set ups.

Daniel Moore & Co. offers a wealth of experience in early post-war Rolls Royce and Bentley Engine Overhaul and Restoration. One of our particular strengths is engine setting and carburettor balancing whether it is standard SU carburettors on a Bentley or a Stromberg aero type/Zenith on A Rolls Royce Silver Dawn or Wraith. We have all the relevant equipment, spare parts and knowledge to get your engine as smooth and sweet as Rolls Royce intended.


  • Ignition system diagnosis and repair.

  • Charging system fault diagnosis and repair

  • Wiring faults diagnosis and repair

  • Starting system diagnosis and repair

  • Fuel system diagnosis and repair

  • Engine Diagnosis and repair

  • Carburettor diagnosis and repair

  • Cooling system diagnosis and repair

  • Gearbox and final drive diagnosis and repair

  • Suspension diagnosis and repair

  • Steering Diagnosis and repair

The keys to a successful engine running on an early post-war motor car are:

  • Regular servicing.

  • Good condition fuel system. fuel tank, fuel pumps, hoses etc.

  • Good carburation.

  • Well maintained ignition system.

  • A good condition exhaust system with no leaks.

  • Ensuring the charging system is good (wiring, belts, dynamo, voltage regulator).

  • A basic understanding of your vehicle’s engine.