Rolls Royce and Bentley Engine Overhaul and Restoration

Early post war 6 cylinder engines are extremely hardy and even the most worn out will often soldier on for many years although they may be the shadow of their former excellence. Fortunately after years of overhauling these cars we know exactly how to deal with the faults and turn a noisy Smokey lump of iron into a smooth silent powerful engine as good if not better than when it left the factory.

Silently Perfect.

When its time for an engine overhaul “attention to detail” is the key factor, after the engine is removed and mounted on our Rolls Royce engine stand we start the strip down and evaluation procedure checking for wear and damage, once this is complete we then move onto cleaning and restoring all of the components ready for rebuild, The cylinder block is chemically cleaned internally removing all rust and debris from the water ways and the cylinder bores re sleeved back to standard, The crankshaft is stripped and polished or re ground as necessary and then rebuilt with new sludge traps, The camshaft bearings are replaced and line-bored and the cam shaft re profiled to our own masters (note continental profiles can be used in all 6 cylinder applications to improve performance). We replace the valve guides, valves and overhaul all of the camshaft operated parts (cam followers, rocker arms and rocker shaft. The crank shaft damper is overhauled using our own machined parts and special linings and then mounted on the crankshaft ready for balancing. The Cylinder head is hot pressure tested and repaired where needed and all valve guides, valves and springs are replaced.

The finished engine is then painted in Trimite black to a very high standard placed back in the vehicle and the running in procedure is started.

All of our Engineering is carried out on site here in our machine shop and we are able to finish your engine to any standard.

Where possible we use genuine Rolls-Royce parts and have a huge inventory of impossible to obtain new old stock engine components. Please feel free enquire if you require engine parts or technical advice for your own project, were always happy to help.


  • Engine strip down and full assessment

  • Thorough cleaning of engine block and waterways

  • In house engine component overhaul

  • Cylinder relining

  • Valve guide replacement

  • Crankshaft grinding and polishing

  • Crankshaft damper overhaul and modification

  • Oil pump and relief valve restoration

  • Engine exterior detailing

  • Cylinder head repairs and modification