Rolls Royce and Bentley
Custom Requests

Were always happy to talk about all things Rolls Royce and Bentley, if you have an idea for a modification, improvement, or upgrade please feel free to contact us with your requirements, we have carried out many interesting alterations over the years and are always looking for fresh ideas to improve early post war Rolls Royce’s and Bentley’s for modern day driving.

Headlining carried out in house by ourselves – using the finest full wool materials or any particular custom fabric you desire. We have patterns for all of the wooden backing boards and tacking rails which we can copy from and renew if the old components are beyond salvage, we are also experts with standard steel and coachbuilt sun shine roof’s, if you have a leaky or difficult to operate roof please do contact us.

In car entertainment – radio conversions from the old style valve amplifiers to solid state modern FM units. Modern cd and bluetooth/hands free radio units fitted.

Overheating Issues – There is nothing worse than being sat in a traffic jam watching your temperature gauge slowly rise to the point of no return, we can carry out cooling system fan conversions with an automatic or manual switch discreetly added below your dashboard to keep your motor car cool in busy traffic without compromising the look of the car in anyway.

LED indicators – discretely fitted using our own custom made lamp holders.

we can incorporate modern LEDs into the existing front or rear wing nacelles/rear number plate or alternatively fit additional discrete lights to the vehicle to greatly improve indicator, sidelight and brake light visibility.

Bodywork and metal fabrication – large and small scale bodywork and rust repairs undertaken and carried out in house.

Exhaust System – We work very closely with service centre systems the renowned Rolls Royce and Bentley exhaust manufacturers, together we have been developing an exhaust system using the Bentley R type continental design and developing it for use with all early post war models including the long wheel base Rolls Royce silver wraith. Compared to the standard system, the Bentley Continental exhaust system enables a 10-15% power gain which is a conservative figure. It also is quieter and altogether a better fit. We have found using a modified version of the continental exhaust is a fantastic addition to any standard MKVI Bentley or R type, Rolls Royce silver dawn or wraith and even improves fuel consumption.

Bentley special fast road and race preparation – Is your Bentley MKVI special lacking that “special” element? We offer a wide range of tried and tested alterations to suit the road and track. Disc brake conversion, Custom free flowing exhaust systems, Cylinder head modifications, Carburation modifications and handling kits are just a few examples. give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Rear axle ratio upgrades – We have been overhauling axles and using upgraded ratios for quite a few years in conjunction with Norman Geeson. Please see our axle and driveshaft section for more information.

Sourcing hard to find spare parts and tools –  is our speciality so if your hunting for that elusive spanner or a new old stock part give us a call.

Seat belts – Seat belts can be fitted in any car Coachbuilt or standard in any colour or buckle configuration contact us for more information.

Steering Wheel Repair – Cracked or damaged steering wheel? we can restore your steering wheel back to original condition and even re-size to Bentley s1 specification should you prefer something slightly smaller.

Interior Woodwork –  Over time many early post war Rolls Royce and Bentley wooden interiors have deteriorated suffering from water damage, sun bleaching and general wear & tear. We have expertly restored many interiors using a mixture of modern and traditional techniques and are well versed with the removal and re-fitment process. We have a variety of finishes at our disposal and can even obtain original build sheet information to restore your wood back to its original glory.


  • Headlining

  • Leather and trim

  • Woodwork

  • Carpets

  • In car entertainment

  • Seat belts

  • Coach work

  • Accident repair

  • Re chroming

  • Exhausts

  • Rear axle

  • Steering wheel repair