Located in the heart of the Fenlands in Cambridgeshire

Most owners of an early post-war Rolls Royce and Bentley motorcar treasure their car irrespective of its monetary value. It is a love affair. Before you put your classic into our care, let us show you what our workshop looks like.

Our workshop was a WWII RAF military store located in the heart of the fenlands in Cambridgeshire, it was moved from neighbouring RAF Wyton in the 60s and was used as a farm building until we arrived in 2014. Its a little off the beaten track but has proven to be the perfect place to operate our business from.

We are  fully secured with cameras, 24/7 surveillance and insurance to cover the classics in our care. We are extremely well equipped with ALL of the factory special tools required to work on early post-war cars and the best part is we know how to use them….

How we ended up on the farm

in 2014 Daniel started his business renting the corner of a workshop close to the centre of Peterborough specialising in Rolls Royce and Bentley, word spread fast and within a few months it soon became apparent that larger premises would be required! The usual industrial estate style properties were looked into but nothing of any interest was found. during this time Daniel was playing guitar with the well known singer and song writer Lexie Green who whilst on tour had mentioned her family had some unused farm buildings in the Cambridgeshire fens. A viewing was made, a deal struck and Daniel and his Brother David set about making the property ready for Motor cars…